Friday, 11 September 2015

Max Axe Pro Full APK



Axe Max / Max Axe - Colorful arcade game on Android where you play barbarian berserker named Max, who rushed to the destruction of production. To see your enemies, you have to turn to magic and magic. On the way Max will meet a variety of difficult walkable places. You need to show all their ingenuity to pass. Also during the game you have to collect the gold.
Version History


- Unknown


- You no longer need to buy things in order
- There is no more trees on the way
- Fixed range of gold Basha
- Throw the ax is now more sensitive


-Here APPEARS MAMMOTH! Moving up on a wild snow-covered tundra mammoth! Beware of slime pits!
-Bros Challenge your friends, and dealt a crushing blow to their highest results! Send them tokens of Resurrection!
More epic task! More Levels
-SUMASHEDSHIE Daily rewards and exciting new victories!
- A completely new way to upgrade and purchase the updated store! Check what outfit looks at Max BEFORE you buy it!
Max Axe full

Max Axe full

Max Axe full

download APK
Download APK

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